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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 19, 2014 4:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning, america, breaking overnight, olympic threat. the same group responsible for the deadly bus bombing in russia now warning the games are the next target. the chilling video and the vows of on olympic surprise. fiery wreck, two semis crash and burst into flames triggering a chain of accidents and closes an interstate? indiana. this as america braces for the return of the polar vortex. he's sorry, the star of abc's hit reality show the bachelor apologizes for what the network calls his careless, thoughtless and insensitive comments. what he said that fueled the
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firestorm. and the big winners at the screen actor's guild awards. sara haines is backstage with the stars of american hustle, breaking dad -- ♪ >> and dallas buyers club. >> good morning, america. from abc news, this is "good morning america," sunday, january 19th, 2014. from new york, dan harris and bianna golodryga. hey, good morning, and happy sunday. i'm always happy to see you guys, but i should say, it's just a little bit lonely on the desk this morning. >> that chair is empty, ron is going through withdrawal this morning. >> there it is. >> your partner in crime sara haines is in los angeles. she was on the red carpet covering the screen actors guild awards. i stayed up too late watching
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it. cate blanchett knocked it out of the park. >> and i thought jennifer garner look theed beautiful in the navy. it was gorgeous. and i'm not a fashionista, but that was beautiful. >> yes, that qualifies. i hope you had fun, we'll get to you later on. >> i heard you in the ear before i went on, she's in the west coast, and it's early and i heard her say, man, it's early right now. >> that's the pitfall of having to report live from the west coast. you feel sorry for you. that was a fun event. i'm sure you had a great time. >> i did, i did. >> thank you. and much more coming up. we'll start with the new threat to the winter olympics. less than three weeks away. look at the video overnight. these are purportedly the young men who carried out a terror attack not far from sochi. you can see them preparing a bomb and issuing a fresh threat. straight to the newest member of
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the foreign reporting team, hamish mac donald. >> good morning, dan. the group calls its an is a al sue that. it's one of the groups based in the kau causes region. the same region that sochi is located in. the two guys were in the attack at the end of last year, targeting public transport. it shows them preparing their bomb-making materials. ominously, however, they say there will be further attacks during the olympic games. there is a specific threat made to people planning to visit. there will be a surprise package for tourists during the winter olympics. now at the same time, the russian security forces released another video which demonstrates an operation in the region
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attacking militants. we can't verify the location and timing of the video, they say it happened on saturday and killed a number of the insurgents. it's fair to say that a few weeks out from the olympic games that the focus it almost entirely on security. reports out today suggest that the security operation in sochi will dwarf that in london. you remember during the games, there were huge numbers of troops, police on the streets, princip patrolling to make sure the games went safely. double the number will be in sochi. >> estimates of 70,000 security officials. some worry it could spoil the spirit of the games. welcome to abc news, hamish. and another big issue over the games. russia's anti-gay laws.
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george stephanopoulos asked about this directly. >> if gay and lesbian athletes wear a rain bow pin or other protest will they be free from persecution? >> acts of protest and propaganda are different things. i'd like to ask my colleagues and friends, if they criticize us, they would set their own house in order first. i did say, after all, and this is public knowledge, that in some of the states in the u.s., homosexuality remains a crime. >> putin rarely fails to be provocative. he spoke to him about the terror threats and the nsa leaker edward snowden. and you can watch the full interview on "this week." >> it's one of the most intense in history in sochi. turn now to ron with this
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morning's other top stories developing overnight. >> good morning, everyone. we are learning that a third american was among those killed in a suicide bomb attack at a restaurant in afghanistan. it was in kabul, the capital city, frequented by foreigners left 21 people dead. two of the americans have been identified. alex sis and peterson. the third victim has not been identified. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. and the flu widespread in 40 states. it's taking a toll on the most vulnerable. ten children have died. flu season runs until april. they are urging anyone who has not gotten the flu shot to get it. it's not too late. and in indiana, a pileup on i-65.
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cars following a semi after it slowed down. the slick, icy roads may be to cause. one truck with frozen pizzas erupted in flames. a second truck carrying lights was also on fire. four people were injured. and rodman has gone to rehab. he's getting treated for alcoholism after the recent trip to north korea. he apologized for comments he made about american and american missionaries willing retained. he had been drinking before the interview in which he made those remarks. and a major upset down under, serena williams knocked out by 14th-seeded aye san know vich. it snaps her 25-game winning streak. >> just too hot down there. >> next time. >> i'm sure.
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thanks, ron. turn now to the ongoing drama surrounding chris christie. he's in florida right now, but back home, new accusations. a mayor charging a shakedown from the top christie lieutenant has them on major defense this morning and ryan smith has the latest. >> reporter: on the left-leaning channel msnbc, accusing the christie administration of delivering a message for the governor with devastating implications. >> i had a direct message, they're connecting the sandy funs to this. >> reporter: according to mayor zimmer, when she voiced concern about the construction project expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, the lieutenant governor pressed her to reconsider. >> she pulled me aside in the parking lot, and i said i know
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it is not right, if you tell anyone, i'll deny it. >> reporter: they are fighting back, calling the allegations false. how much did they receive? she said they only received $342,000. hoboken was approved for $70 million and more. denying them, but no one can deny they come at a bad time. >> the speculation about the truth of these allegations damages him moving forward. these are difficult charges for him to get past. >> reporter: we reached out repeatedly to mayor zimmer, she didn't return our request for comment. >> he's still popular. >> reporter: yes. they are praying for rain in fire-scorched california. but there is none in the forecast.
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putting out the destructive wildfires is harder. and over to aditi roy in the l.a. bureau. good morning to you. apparently we don't have her there, so we'll get straight to her piece, i believe? actually, move on to a completely different story. apologize for that. get back in a moment. to the country's most exclusive dance party. the white house for one night turning into a discotheque of sorts. all for michelle obama turning the big 5-0. who made the hottest party in town? susan sellny has the information, the special performances and the surprises for the first lady. >> good morning, dan. we don't think of the white house as party central, but that's what it was last night until the wee hours of this morning. samuel l. jackson, james taylor,
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rachel rae ray, just a few partiers at the big 5-0. and even bff beyoncé who sang at the first inaugural gave a personal performance. >> she performed. wow. >> making it perfect, announcing during a recent bill signing -- >> i have to get back because somebody has a birthday today. >> and guests couldn't stop talking about the emotional speech about the first lady. >> moving, and inspiring. >> talking about her love for her daughters. >> it was really beautiful and really touching. >> overnight, the white house was bumping. >> i'm jeopardy dances. i'm going to have a good time. >> big question for the vip list, what gift do you get her? >> you just go, it's easier. >> but one year older, she knows how to get down and party, now with vip access to a new kind of club. tweeting -- excited to join
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barack in the 50-plus club today. check out my aarp card. >> this is no ordinary 50th party, they have over the top bashes, and this was no different. >> from breaking it down with jimmy fallon. to busting out the dance moves from the let's move campaign. we know michelle can't help but party to the beat. >> bring comfortable shoes, so you can be sure everyone was dancing until 2:00 in the morning. >> beyoncé wasn't the only singer, jennifer hudson did a new song. and sasha and malia invited, friends so they could have fun together. >> 50 never looked better. it was a great event. this is super bowl sunday in america -- >> nope. not super bowl sunday. >> football sunday. >> don't want to get anybody too excited.
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two weeks ago. >> the winner -- thank you -- the winner of the patriots/broncos game and the seahawks/49ers game will meet in the super bowl. high jings in denver. tom brady on this sign, saying he likes appletinis. >> ron will not stand for that. >> ron is man enough. >> and jim harbaugh, ripped for wearing cheap, pleated khakis. given ten free pairs of pants and a $10,000 donation to charity from bonobos. >> she's been pleading, no pun intended. but the star player for the seahawks, this gentleman, derrick coleman, made it to the
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pinnacle of the sport despite being legally deaf. here's abc neal karlinski. >> reporter: later today in a stadium famous for being the loudest in the nfl. number 40 will be the only player who sees the fans cheering, but can't hear them very well. fullback derrick coleman is the first legally deaf offensive player in the nfl, and he wouldn't change a thing. >> and that's who i am. i'm not going to let somebody else come in here and tell me you're deaf, made me who i am today. >> reporter: his life story making him the star of this dur a sell battery commercial. >> i said it couldn't be done. i was a lost cause. >> reporter: it's a chilling story, it's coleman's life. >> they gave up on me. told me i should just quit. >> reporter: early on, his hearing aids were a problem.
4:15 am
they didn't fit or work right in this his helmet, until his mother had an idea. >> reporter: i took a pair of pantyhose and cut them. stuck the hearing aids in there and it fit. i needed to help him to achieve his dreams. >> reporter: he taught himself to read lips to get by, something he relies on. if you weren't wearing your hearing aids, what would i sound like? >> i know you're talking, the bass in your voice, but it's mumbled. >> reporter: he visits schools, spreading the message that no one is perfect, and no matter the challenge, anything is possible. >> when people, oh, you can't do this. i get more motivation from it. okay. watch me. >> reporter: the man who was told he'd never make it is now just one win away from a super bowl. for "good morning america," neal, seattle. >> such a great inspiration. and now to the big night of
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celebrating in hollywood. maybe some parties are still going on between actors guild dish out the awards. closely watched, it's a bell weather for the oscars. and sara haines spent a long night with happy winners. i know you try to be objective, but i hear you met a lot of your favorites there. >> reporter: i totally geeked out. and as you said, they are are big indicator of what's to come with the oscars. the winners are selected by their peers, fellow actors. and you can sense the pride and graty attitude when we chatted backstage. >> thank you. >> afternoon american hustle's cast won, jennifer was not hustled into her house. my thing is i go to these things, and go home and order takeout with a friend. >> reporter: your friends right now, not later.
4:17 am
stay in your own home. >> tomorrow, i'll love them. come over tomorrow. >> reporter: matthew mcconaughey and jared lee to won. >> made for less than $5,000. >> my mother, thank you for giving me a shining and wonderful example of the possibilities of life. >> reporter: who do you want to call first? your mom is here, anyone you want to call and say oh my gosh? >> social media takes care of the calls. you don't have to do anything. >> reporter: the final season of breaking bad earned s.a.g. awards for the cast and their star, bryan cranston. the highlight of my day was meeting you. i'm sara from "good morning america." >> i know who you are. >> reporter: can you just step over here? modern family won comedy
4:18 am
ensemble, with sophia ver guy a thanking everyone who made it possible. my >> my boobs. >> reporter: a lot of us didn't see it coming. their co-star won male actor in a comedy series. >> very humble. this actually happened. >> reporter: on the red carpet, autograph hounds screamed for their favorite stars. oprah even played photographer. emma thompson photo bombed 12 years s s a slaving ing e actre. and they had the statues. >> he's heavy. i use him in the workout. i'll have one really strong arm. >> reporter: and the overwhelming feeling aside from the natural award show moments, the gratefulness, i asked so
4:19 am
many of them, what did it feel like your friends voted for you for this. they all stopped and said i'm so appreciative. it was so authentic. that was the theme of the night, was the gratefulness. >> yeah, and so see everyone cheering them on, and julia roberts was nominated as well. and all the ladies looked fantastic. what a year for matthew mcconaughey. his career transcended, and the wolf of wall street and dallas buyers club. >> i couldn't help notice crash ever watching your piece, it's great. and most event casts, they seem bonded. especially "modern family," we spend time watching them, we know them. did you feel that they were close? >> reporter: it was a fan's dream, modern family and breaking bad -- the banter. i'm going to use their character
4:20 am
names, hank from breaking bad was referring to his nephew and said don't talk like that, i'm still your uncle. some of the banter was so family-like, you want to believe they just hang out together. >> probably feel the way we do on the set here as the family we are. >> and ron off-camera too as well. sara, thank you very much. great work. sorry for the lack of sleep. we'll see you in the next half hour. >> can't wait. >> great piece. time to check the weather. and we welcome in the meteorologist from columbus, ohio, good morning, bill kelly. >> he agreed to sing the forecast. >> am i getting hazed? ♪ you're getting a nice forecast ♪ is this okay? >> that's nice. >> start with the snowfall. 6 inches in st. cloud,
4:21 am
minnesota. 4.5 in minneapolis. generally about 1-3 inches around. boston, 2 inches of snow. take a look at the video, but outside of boston, we have reports of over 6 inches of snow in spots, especially in the higher elevations. get out and shovel today, we have an arctic blast, wet snow, it's going to freeze everything up big time in boston. you're although 19 by tuesday. minneapolis, only 1 degree on tuesday. so a big cooldown in store for us. not the same out west. another sunny and dry day. knocking on the door of records. and l.a., heading out, just know it's rough. that's what's going on around the country, now to the loefl forecast. forecast. oc forecast. a forecast. l forecast.
4:22 am
back to you? >> the polar vortex. i can't get over. it's not going to be as bad this time. >> not this one mid-week, but we have another surge coming in for the weekend. potentially that one could really knock things down. keeping our ice on that. >> i feel the temperature difference outside now. thanks for singing. >> thanks for stopping. >> we appreciate -- more appropriate, right? well-played, well-played. coming up on "gma," the latest wrinkle in this now infamous video tape. you remember this, the family's suv swarmed by bikers in new york city. the father dragged from behind the wheel is now taking action. we'll tell you with what it is. and the hot hunk in hot water, the bachelor on the hit
4:23 am
show, the controversial comments and his apology. >> and the term nay or plays cable tennis. what is this and why is he so enthusiastic in making sure he stretches out? we'll tell you, coming up. [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip, and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do. sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. the screen actors guild awards. >> happy mlk. happy mlk weekend. >> you never know what's happening on live television. that was not scripted. but so many memorable moments at last night's screen actors guild awards. on and off stage. i stayed up and wanted to see what the ladies were wearing. i was pleased. >> defensible reason. we watch for the unscripted outfits and the outfits, that's why i watch. >> sure. and a sneak peek of an incredible transformation for angelina jolie. look at the outfits for the upcoming movie. >> she still looks beautiful no
4:31 am
matter what. and we have been covering the story, the terrifying moments when a gang of bikers descended upon an suv with the family inside, track dragged out the driver and beat him. >> and since then, the driver has been relatively quiet. now he has taken action. and linzey janis has been covering from the start. >> reporter: it happened just over three months ago, and he's going to sue the city of new york. an entire nation watched in horror as he and his wife and 2-year-old child were chased by a group of bikers. then dragged from the suv and beaten. now the 33-year-old banker seen in this photo with his daughter just weeks ago is fighting back, filing a legal notice on behalf of his family. saying he intends to sue new york city and two off-duty police officers. >> this document filed is
4:32 am
putting the city of new york on notice of an impending lawsuit. >> reporter: the document filed on december 24th accuses the city of, quote, failure to adequately train, supervise, monitor or discipline police officers. they are seeking to get damages in excess of $75,000 for each family member. and one of the officers name was allegedly part of a group seen attacking the range rover. he pleaded not guilty. >> even if these two police officers are deemed to have been off-duty at the time of the incident, the city can still be held liable. >> reporter: the now infamous chain of events caught on helmet cam begins with an apparent accident between him and one of the motorcyclists. they surround him, and someone slashes his tire. terrified, he makes a break, crushing the biker with his
4:33 am
range rover, leaving the rapper and father of two paralyzed. the other officer named is off-duty internal affairs cop matthew rodriguez. he admits he was on the ride that day but not close. and they have been not been asked to represent any city employees. it is stressing this is not a lawsuit, just a legal notice. >> $75,000, it seems low, but maybe go up? >> for each family member. >> and the key there is in excess of $75,000. thank you. and back to ron for a look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone, in the news, a new terror video out of russia has olympic security officials on high alert. it's based in the region ordinary sochi. they are vowing future attacks. the games begin in just over two
4:34 am
weeks. and more trouble for chris christie. hoboken's democratic govern is accusing christie aids of threatening to with hold sandy relief funds unless she went forward with a project backed by the governor's office. they said they have received $70 million in aid. and in minneapolis, the skyline is missing a little something this morning, the vikings metro dome's roof was deflated on saturday after being there for 32 years. it had extreme weather, and in 2010, excess of snow caused the roof to cave in. and finally, a dazzling dunk last night, check that out an reverse 360-degree windmill dunk bit pacer's paul george. could be the best of the season. the next time we will see something like that will be the
4:35 am
slam dunk competition during next month's all-star competition. >> you could do that. >> i could do that, seriously. laugh. pacers won, i'm an l.a. clippers fan, that's bad news. and now for the forecast. from columbus, ohio, bill kelly. back to you. >> i used to be able to slam dunk too. >> okay, man. >> there you go. and that laugh you're hearing is for real. start with chicago, show you what's happening today or rather yesterday. the snow 2.4 inches of snow. and that was not a record, for you, but nearly 40 inches for the season, two feet above normal. you are going we need nice days to enjoy. today is 34, at or above normal. all the temperatures across the midwest, a few areas of snow,
4:36 am
northern new york, new. >> and across the great lakes. but out west, another day we are looking at very warm conditions, 81 in l.a. 60 in reno, 68 in las vegas. big football game, denver, new england versus denver. good football weather, if not warm. you don't need the jacket at this game. and seattle, san francisco, 46, a light jacket. should be dry. that's across the country, here's what's going on where you live. and this weather report brought to you by lowes. >> i can do it. >> football picks? >> san francisco and denver. >> i think denver and seattle. >> okay. >> check back with you. >> two peas in a pod over here. best friends. >> yeah, i thought i might be
4:37 am
moved to the other end of the table, but kept us together. >> bromance. all right, gentleman, thank you. the bachelor putting his foot in his mouth. what he said and now the apology. >> also ahead, sara with the best job on "gma," talking with the big winners at the s.a.g. awards in top news. [ male announcer ] it's easy to find the perfect fridge for your family. cool. cool. cool. [ male announcer ] because lowe's offers free next day delivery and haul away. this holiday weekend, choose 18 months special financing on purchases of $599 or more with your lowe's consumer credit card. never stop improving.
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nude pics. send me some. [beep] text me. the newest bachelor on the hit reality show "the bachelor" finds himself in the spotlight this morning for all the wrong reasons. >> his controversial comments about gays are coming under fire. and he's now taking to facebook to explain himself. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: at 32 years old, juan has the thing men dream l dream of, finding his match. the first professional soccer player and latino bachelor. but his comments are under fire. >> do you think it would be a good idea to have a gay or bisexual bachelor?
4:42 am
>> no. >> why not? >> i don't think it's a good example for kids. >> reporter: and using the word pervert talking about the all-gay version of the bachelor. >> and there's this thing about gay people, it seems to me, i meant, great, you know, i have a lot of friends like that, but they're more per vent in a sense. and to me this show would be too strong, too hard to watch on tv. >> all you have to do is watch the news and see what kind of trouble people get in for homophobic comments and be smart enough to ignore it. >> reporter: responding with this statement, his comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive and do not reflect the views of the network or the producers or studio. he turned to facebook to apologize himself, writing, the word pervert was not what i
4:43 am
meant to say, and i am very sorry about it. english is my second language, and sometimes i use the wrong words to express myself. i meant gay people are more affectionate and intense, and for a segment of the audience, this is too racy. and he say gay and bisexual parents are good parents, and he wants gay youth it is fine to be who they are. he will meet this week. >> not the headlines he wanted. thank you. and arnold slips into his strange super bowl attire. but it will all make sense. keep it here. not easy to find, but worth it. we had a great s, but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function
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pushing the limits. however, i didn't know the impact a brain injury can have. the risk got real for me after sustaining a traumatic brain injury while i was training for the 2010 winter olympics. you really need to educate yourself about brain injuries and how dangerous they can be. after my injury the doctors were saying that the helmet saved my life. wearing a helmet to prevent severe traumatic brain injury is a must... and so is learning what you can do to prevent concussion.
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. and just because she's in los angeles doesn't mean we don't have pop news in the show today. we wish you were here, but you have some great headlines for us. >> reporter: i do. in addition to the awards show we can't get enough of, you know this time of year? super bowl sunday. just 14 days away. as can be expected, the advertisers are bringing out the big guns, arnold schwarzenegger, the star of a bud light commercial. won't be revealed until super bowl sunday. but here's a sneak peek to wet your appetite. ♪ the term nay or star had $3 million for the performance, which is why they couldn't
4:49 am
afford a better wig. and the new trailer for malficient transforms one of the world's most beautiful women into possibly the scariest. >> i do too have the gift. >> reporter: is it possible? i think it is, that she's still gorgeous even with razor sharp cheekbones and enormous horns. it hits theater this is mae. and i'm still on a high from last night, might be in a dream state. so many amazing people and moments. i wanted to share my favorites from the red carpet. women in these beautiful dresses, have you eaten today? >> yeah, i had a big breakfast. >> poached eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, berries. >> reporter: keep going. >> cheese, it was delicious. >> reporter: that was just breakfast? >> yes. >> and a tiny sip of champagne.
4:50 am
>> reporter: if you could shape your career after someone you look up to, who would it be? >> that's a good question. jay on our show. he's a veteran actor and been working forever and he's just this really cool down to earth guy, not affected bit business at all. >> reporter: how proud of you of your dad right now? >> it's just incredible. yes, and to have the privilege of celebrating dad and all his glory and his beautiful, authentic extraordinary performance is a delight beyond compare. >> reporter: when you presented, that's my dad, you could hear the little girl. we don't get that a lot. >> yes. >> and i have the best actress on my arm, who happens to be my kid. >> reporter: it was such a surprise when you meet people that are so down to earth and lovely and gracious. what a classy group. >> and you were talking about
4:51 am
the camaraderie between the shows and the cast mates, but to see bruce stern there with laura, and you had the right way to button up the conversation. this is the best actress, and that happens to be my daughter. >> reporter: he was so cute, he leaned over and said you have beautiful eyes, and if people aren't telling youthat, you have the wrong people. you guys are fired. >> you do. >> reporter: thank you very much. >> and ron asked me to tell you you have beautiful eyes. >> you have beautiful eyes, i love the way the hollywood sign goes through your head. there you go. >> we'll be back, more "gma" after a quick break. ♪ ♪ ooh, la la ♪ sing ooh, la la la la ♪ come on, y'all, ooh, la la [ female announcer ] set your success in motion
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well, it's great to see you folks. thank you for joining us. sara haines is on her way to the airport to catch a flight back. have a wonderful day.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 19th. let's start a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn, good morning to you. upper elevations are mild, in the 50s. but in our valleys once again it's chilly, near 30 degrees in santa rosa. 40 in oakland with the upper 30s at the coast. a little cooler there. but with this dry air mass we are going to warm up quickly to the low 60s by noontime. upper 60s, perhaps some 70s today for a few more records. clear skies tonight. temperatures will take a hit during the upcoming work week. i'll let kn


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